NATA is Australia's foremost organisation responsible for the accreditation of laboratories, inspection bodies, calibration services, producers of reference materials and proficiency testing scheme providers throughout Australia.

It is also Australia's compliance monitoring authority for the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) Principles of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).

NATA provides independent assurance of technical competence through a process of accreditation, which formally recognises; that these facilities produce reliable technical results. NATA's work; increases community confidence and trust in a facility's services, mitigates risk, improves tendering success and facilitates trade.

Thanks to a Memorandum of Understanding with the Australian Government and agreements with various state and territory governments and government departments, NATA is governmen's partner for accreditation and related services.


Standards are crucial to our daily lives. They apply to the food we eat, the water we drink, the products and services we use. In today's increasingly complex world, maintaining standards is more important than ever.

The National Association of Testing Authorities Australia (NATA) is the nation's leading body assessing the competence of organisations implementing standards across a broad range of social and commercial fields, from mining and construction materials to health and pathology services.

As the basis for national and international agreements, these benchmarks are vital for trade, risk mitigation and waste reduction. As the foundations by which business, government and consumers can make informed decisions, they deliver a healthier and safer community for everyone.

MEDICAL TESTING - ISO 17025 (Formerly 15189)

We have been assessed and granted accreditation by NATA against AS15189 "Medical Testing". Specifically to conduct onsite drug testing.

ISO 17025 is an international quality management system standard designed specifically for medical laboratories. It outlines the controls required to manage risks that may have an impact on the validity of examination results, and tools to help the laboratory to improve its operations andcustomer satisfaction.

We have attained the highly respected NATA accreditation for onsite collection, storage and dispatch of both urine and saliva samples and accreditation for onsite testing for urine.

Our certificate is here: