Obsequentia Safety Certified

 ISO 45001 - OHSAS - Health and Safety Management

OHSAS 45001 stands for Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard, and by being certified, we are able to identify and control the management of health & safety risks.

OHSAS 45001 certification allows our business to demonstrate that a health and safety management system is in place to reduce the likelihood of accidents, prevent breaches of legislation and improve our organisation's overall performance. 

OHSAS 45001 certification centres around health and safety management. OHSAS stands for Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Specification and is a way of ensuring our company protects employees by lowering risks, and is compliant with legal obligations.

What is OHSAS 45001 Certification?

OHSAS 45001 is essentially a guide that comprises of a set of requirements that are based on industry best-practice. These requirements help us to operate a health and safety management system that demonstrates our company's commitment to improving practices and performance.

OHSAS 45001 compliance enhance our company's reputation, and gaining certification proves our organisation has been independently assessed, and verified in having effective controls in place in order to lower risks and meet legal requirements.

OHSAS 45001 Benefits

From changes in legislation to preventing accident claims, the benefits of OHSAS 45001 are substantial. The certification is designed to help us make the necessary changes quickly, reducing potential risks to our organisation.

It covers emergency procedures to hazard and risk identification, and ensures our business has the right systems in places to help reduce accidents and the costs that come with them.

Beyond this, the nature of OHSAS 45001 means that we can ensure our company will comply with current legislation as well as ensuring we are able to adapt to any future legislation changes. This in turn demonstrates our commitment to health and safety, sending out a clear message to our employees, stakeholders and customers that we take safety in the workplace seriously.