Mediscreen This is our main sister site, providing Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing Services to industry 24/7/365.
Breathalyser Calibrations This is our Breathalyser Calibrations website, providing a more in depth look at our calibration services.
Medix  This is dedicated to wholesale options for the Medix Urine Drug Test Cup that we are the sole agents for.
Lifeloc Australia We are the Australian sales and service agent for the Lifeloc range of Breathalysers and this site concentrates on these devices only.
Recycle Your Breathalyser This is an initiative that we have taken to reduce the amount of e-waste that is going to landfill and provides users with an option to this problem.
Training Centre  This is our dedicated online product training centre for our clients. This is where clients' staff can come and get certified in the use of a particular product. These are not accredited training courses, rather 'how to use' training courses.
Collector Training This is our accredited collector training site where you can get accredited to HLTPAT005 for Drug & Alcohol Collector Training.
Alcotech We purchased the Alcotech Breathalyser rights many years ago after the parent company shut down their breathalyser manufacturing operation, however there are still some devices still being used so we created this site so that anyone with one of these devices can contact someone who can help them.