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CMM Technology is uniquely equipped to help engineer a practical, economical Alcohol & Drug Testing program to dovetail into your existing risk management system to minimise risk and add value to your business operations.

As a leading consulting service in the areas of policy development and program recommendations for testing practices, we can provide your business with a support network of industry experts in the business and OHS fields. In fact, many of our team members have acquired significant industry experience as practitioners of workplace drug and alcohol testing programs, strategic level management, trainers and successful business operators.

Our knowledgeable team of professionals can help provide you with testing solutions that are aligned with industry best practice approaches and relevant state and national OHS legislation. This ensures your workplace drug and alcohol program is embedded into a quality risk management system that delivers results for your business.

So, let us help assist you to develop and implement an effective drug and alcohol policy that aspires to: elevate your OHS standards, build a culture of compliance, improve your workplace performance, increase your profits and ultimately help bring you 'peace of mind'.

Call us today to discuss your needs with the added confidence in knowing CMM Technology delivers a high quality, confidential and professional service.

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