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The SureStep 8+3 is an accurate and affordable workplace drug testing solution verified to Australian Standards AS4308:2008

Medix Pro Split Urine Drug Test

The SureStep 8+3 with in-built integrity testing offers an advanced split unit design and an adulterant testing strip for greater analytical capability. This device tests for 8 drugs of abuse and 3 adulterants giving a wider detection range than Australian standards dictate.

The inbuilt integrity test determines whether a recently collected sample is “fresh” and also tests for the additional contaminants that may indicate adulteration.

Notable benefits of the SureStep 8+3:

  • Free online training: we have developed an online product certification program for our clients to use. with this product so that you can rest assured your staff are fully conversant in the use of this device.

  • Accurate to AS4308:2008 - This device participates in monthly QAP (Quality Assurance Program) with the RCPA to ensure consistent quality and accuracy.  
  • Easy to use. A simple 3 step process to conducting the test.

Key product information:

  • No urine handling
  • AS4308:2008 Appendix B Verified
  • Test starts when the collector is ready (not when the subject gives the specimen)
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Easy open/close no-leak container
  • Only 25ml of urine is needed (NB: for sample confirmation, only 3.5ml is required to actually run the test)
  • Splits the test sample from the main laboratory sample
  • Read results in 2-5 minutes
  • Photocopy the results
  • Cost-effective

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