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Drug and Alcohol Test Pre-Screening Form (PSF)

- A Simple single-page leaflet format for easy record-keeping

We have taken the complication out of recording your non-negative drug tests with our A5 pre-screening forms. This form is a necessary component of your formal workplace drug and alcohol testing program. It is required for noting important and relevant drug testing information prior to testing commencing and after testing has finished - essentially this becomes your permanent record book. This A5 Pre-Screening form is designed with simple instructions in a single sheet pad format - hole punched to make filing easier.

Key Product Features:

The pads record:

  • The subject's permission to be tested
  • Their acknowledgment of having read the company policy
  • Non-negatives (presumptive positives)
  • This pad becomes your permanent record book
  • Pads are printed with all relevant information
  • Pads are top-edge glue bound and hole-punched enabling convenient, secure and neat storage of forms
  • This pad becomes your permanent record book. Pads are printed with all relevant information
  • We have created these simple forms in a single sheet pad
  • These pads are printed with all the relevant information you are required to collect
  • The bottom half of the form will become your permanent record as per the Australian Standard
  • They can be easily filed in an A5 binder
  • They are top-edge glue bound and hole punched giving you the ability to neatly store your forms (so you do not have to worry about losing the forms)
  • With sufficient size orders, we can place your company logo at the top and any other information you would like on the form (space permitting).

Urine & Oral Fluid Test Chain of Custody Form (COC)

As part of the workplace drug testing process you will be required to follow the Chain of Custody process if you detect a non-negative result. We have simplified the non-negative drug test recording process with our A4 Chain of Custody forms (25 forms to a book). This ensures you are completing the relevant documentation required under the AS4308 for a presumptive positive (non-negative) drug test.

We can print these forms with your own logo and even pre-fill them with relevant address information to save time when processing non-negatives.

Key Product Features:

  • Forms have been designed so you can record either Urine OR Oral Fluid/Saliva test results and they can be:
    • Customised with your logo.
    • Pre-filled with your preferred laboratory and company/site address details.
    • We have created these forms in a duplicate-sheet pad, so that you do not have to worry about losing bits of paper or filing out of sequence.
    • These pads are pre-printed with all the relevant information you are required to collect to comply with Australian Standards.
    • They are glue bound and stapled giving you a neat and concise book to store all your COC forms.
    • These forms are serial numbered for tracking.

Intermediary Chain of Custody Form (ICOC)

What do you do if you have a non-negative result?  

According to the Australian Standard, if a Non-negative (presumptive positive) drug and alcohol test is recorded, a Chain of Custody protocol is to ensue. Among other processes, this protocol entails that a Chain of Custody form is completed. Essentially, the function of this form is to provide a formal “paper trail” which helps to ensure privacy, confidentiality and legal standards of the testing processes are met. It also outlines how the Non-negative (presumptive positive) test sample is to be submitted for further third-party test analysis to ensure its integrity as follows:

The Chain of Custody process requires that the Non-negative (presumptive positive) test sample is to remain ‘in sight’ of the authorised collector until collection by courier (unless it has been placed by the authorised collector in a secure holding place).
However, if the sample is not placed securely in a holding compartment, or if the authorised collector leaves a site before the sample is dispatched, according to the Australian Standard, a “legal hole” in your Chain of Custody procedure is opened which effectively leaves your company and staff exposed to claims of non-conformance to the Chain of Custody procedure.

To address this issue, CMM Technology has devised an extra step to safeguard you and your staff against claims of non-conformance i.e. the 'Chain of Custody' was broken thus voiding the test result. CMM Technology have introduced what we have termed an 'Intermediary Chain of Custody' form, whereby if you have to leave a site or hand the sample to your back to back or the secretary to ship, then every person that takes responsibility for that sample can sign for it thus completing a true 'Chain of Custody’.

Key Product Features:

  • This form allows for 2 samples and up to 10 people to be recorded on it.
  • Provides an ‘extra step’ in the Chain of Custody process to safeguard you and your staff against counter-claims of non-conformance to the ‘Chain of Custody’ process.
  • These forms are printed in duplicate, glued, bound and hole punched and ready for use