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The SENTINEL alcohol screening system enables high-volume "zero tolerance" screening of employees, contractors and visitors in safety sensitive industries such as Mining, Construction and Oil and Gas. The SENTINEL can significantly reduce industrial accidents linked to alcohol consumption.

The SENTINEL entry-point breath alcohol testing system is fast, totally automated and completely non-invasive. Tests are triggered automatically when the subject blows. No mouthpieces or straws are required. The SENTINEL uses internationally recognizable color icons to prompt subjects to blow and to display test results. There are no buttons to push or lights to interpret.

The SENTINEL was designed for industrial conditions. Additional measures are included to thwart tampering. Lifeloc’s field-proven, alcohol specific fuel cell sensing technology ensures a long working life.

Key Product Features:  

Entry System: Integrates with locking systems on Turnstiles, Entry Booths, Time clocks or any other gate access system.

Passive Testing: Automatic passive testing provides a Pos or Neg response for alcohol. No mouthpieces required. Low cost per test.

Rapid Repeatability: Instant response time - up to 1500 tests per day.

Rugged Housing: Anodized aluminimum construction. Created for high dust, high vibration environments.>

Remote Updates: Field updates using USB.

Customisation: Custom user interface or test sequence.

Serviceability: Calibration is a simple modular system allowing for fast, in-field changeover.

Great Accuracy

  • The Lifeloc Sentinel uses a platinum electrochemical sensor (fuel cell) – the standard in police issued breath testers.
  • The long term stability of the sensor means you can count on accurate results year after year.*

Precision Instrument

  • Full sized platinum fuel cell
  • Superior accuracy and long life
  • Double pump sampling system
  • Unsurpassed passive testing
  • Rapid multiple subject testing:
    • Immediate response on negative, <10 seconds on positive
    • Immediate recovery on negative, <30 seconds on positives
  • Operating temperature - 0-55°C

Ease of Use

  • Passive testing
  • End of breath: test taken at end of breath sample
  • Precise volume: test taken after detecting 1.5L of breath
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Excellent day or night visibility
  • Easy to understand icons
  • Heavy duty components and rugged case

* All breath alcohol testing devices require periodic maintenance and calibration to ensure proper working order. Industry best practice is every 6 months for workplace testing.