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Lifeloc EASYCAL Automatic Calibration Technology

More than just a recalibration

Lifeloc Technologies second generation calibration station the EASYCAL G2 is another step to making compliance easier, faster and more affordable.

The EASYCAL G2 automates every step of the calibration and accuracy check process, works with four different tank sizes, introduces Lifeloc’s ID Enabled tanks and calibrates our professional portable breath testers including the FC5 Hornet and the L-Series.

The EASYCAL G2 simplifies everything. Just cradle your breath alcohol tester, power on, and it does the rest.

Fast and Simple to Use

  • One-touch calibration and accuracy checks
  • Large color touchscreen for easy navigation
  • Prints to your Lifeloc printer
  • In-office and mobile operation
  • Reduces gas usage up to 50% versus manual calibrations
  • Automatic tank data with Lifeloc’s ID Enabled cylinders
  • Displays date, time, and power status
  • Calibration and accuracy check progress

Compliance Management Features

  • Cylinder Expiration Lockout prevents the use of out-of-date gas
  • Electronic communication with device averts mismatch of gas standard with
    alcohol tester
  • Low Gas Alert warns of low gas volume and shows percent of tank
  • Calibration Warning helps prevent an inadvertent calibration
  • Auto Altitude Correction automatically checks and sets altitude correction factor
  • Security allows you to assign, enable or disable users and passwords
  • Sequence Software by market ensures all calibrations and accuracy checks are
    performed and documented correctly
  • Device Serial Numbers are read and stored with each calibration event
  • Print Log stores all checks and calibrations across unlimited alcohol testers


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