MX3 Pro is changing what's possible for health diagnostics. This revolutionary platform is the first simple, reliable way to measure and track salivary and sweat biomarkers-anytime, anywhere.

The MX3 Pro System uses a saliva sample from the tip of the tongue to take lab grade measurements in seconds. Using the portable handheld meter, disposable test strips, and an easy-to-use app, teams, trainers, military personnel and OSHA managers can finally measure, track, and manage users.

SOSM is a research-proven, non-invasive measure of hydration status and exercise-induced dehydration.

Hydration measurements are viewed in real time directly on the MX3 LAB or App and uploaded wirelessly to the MX3 Pro Portal for a more detailed analysis.

The MX3 App and Portal have been designed for use by professional teams and organizations of any size as well as individuals.