Omicron is here in WA and it's only going to get worse. We are all unsure of the effect it is going to have on our state, our businesses, the local economy and our personal lives.

What are we as a company doing about it?

Well there is not much we can do to stem the tide in general, but we can do all we can to ensure our staff and our clients are not exposed to Omicron through poor infection control practices.

Arpels has been proactive in taking steps to reduce the likelihood of anyone catching it from us or us spreading it to others.

To start with, we have been, and will continue to maintain strict infection control processes at our offices and during our external operations such as; social distancing, masks, hand sanitizer, staff vaccinations, reducing people traffic and cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning!

And to try to counter the added effects of transmission of the highly contagious Omicron variant upon the opening of the border on Feb 5th, we are reverting back to the measure we took when the pandemic first arrived on our shores and that is;

  • Splitting our office staffing to ensure that we do not have everyone working in the office at any one time to try to avoid having to close the entire office if someone is infected, with everyone that can work from home doing so.

We are also re-introducing;

o   Testing by appointment only,

o   Remote meetings,

o   External collections and;

o   Restricted access to our office.

We wanted to give you, our special clients, advanced warning that in some cases our turnaround may not be as fast as we usually are, but we are taking all means to avert a total shut down of our operations and trust you will understand our position and allow more time than usual for all interactions with Arpels.

Thanks for reading this and stay safe.