CMM Technology™ is pleased to announce a joint initiative with Green Moxie. Green moxie is a plastics recycling company turning used plastics into durable fence posts and other products giving that discarded plastic a long life ahead.

This initiative is to recycle some of the vast amount of plastic mouthpieces used in Australia every year. To give you an idea of the scale of the problem, in Australia 3.2 million tonnes of plastic are used every year and only about 10% is recycled!

This joint initiative is aimed at users of plastic that we know can be recycled, and we have created a system to enable those users to easily recycle what they use.

This initiative is good all round: Good for the environment, good for Australian companies by facilitating a reduction in their environmental exposure, and good for us all personally. We think it is a win/win initiative and invite you to join with us and assist in the reduction of global plastic pollution.

We hope you come on board with this initiative and look forward to seeing your returns soon!