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The recent changes with AS 3547:1997 (Breathalyser Standard) is confusing. We hope the information we have provided will assist in clarifying the differences between the standards and what that may mean for you.

  • AS 3547:1997 Breath alcohol testing devices for personal use.
  • AS 3547:2019 Breath alcohol testing devices.


AS 3547:1997 was considered aged and was replaced by a new standard, published 28th June 2019 and there was an 18 month period during which both standards would exist and after which time the 1997 version would cease to exist.

After much debate and public comment AS 3547:2019 was reissued during January 2021 stating that the changeover period would be 36 months from the time of first publication effectively meaning both standards will be in existence until 28th June 2022. You can preview the Amendment here.

If you have breathalysers that are certified to an Australian Standard the certification will endure until the expiry date noted on the certificate. New breathalysers that are manufactured to meet the requirements of AS 3547:2019 will be certified to this standard.

Essential differences:

For many years breath alcohol has been converted to blood alcohol concentration using a formula based on Henry’s law, which states that there is a relationship between a volatile chemical substance in liquid and that same volatile chemical substance in vapour, and the formula used to convert a breath reading to a blood equivalent was based on 2100 litres of air (breath) to one litre of blood or 2300 litres of air to 1 litre of blood. This is known as partition ratio.

Because the partition ratio can vary between individuals then devices configured to meet the 2019 standard will deliver results as g/210L meaning there is x grams of alcohol per 210 litres of air or breath.

Readings will now be shown as alcohol in breath but essentially the two (g/210L and BAC) will be similar but expressed differently.
Most breathalysers these days show a reading as 0.000 which is BAC, however, under the 2019 standard they will show a reading as 0.000 g/210L.
The difference you will see on the screen will be a reading followed by g/210L.

There may be a need to review your policy/procedure document and if so it would be prudent to reference both as either/or and this will allow for the changeover period.

Please contact CMM Technology to discuss your current options prior to making any new breathalyser purchase decisions. 1300 79 70 30


Manufacturer Model Standard Certified to Certificate Expiry Date
Alcolizer Centurion Wall Mount AS3547:1997 15/8/2024
  EC AS3547:1997 15/8/2024
  HH1 AS3547:1997 15/8/2024
  HH2 AS3547:1997 15/8/2024
  HH3 AS3547:1997 & AS3547:2019 15/8/2024
  HH4 AS3547:1997 & AS3547:2019 15/8/2024
  LE AS3547:1997 15/8/2024
  S5A AS3547:1997 15/8/2024
  S5L AS3547:1997 15/8/2024
  LE5 AS3547:2019 15/8/2024
  Wall Mount AS3547:1997 & AS3547:2019 15/8/2024
  Wall Mount 4 AS3547:1997 & AS3547:2019 15/8/2024
Draeger 3000 AS3547:1997 21/11/2022
  3820 AS3547:1997 21/11/2022
  5510 AS3547:1997 21/11/2022
  5820 AS3547:1997 21/11/2022
  6510 AS3547:1997 21/11/2022
  6810 AS3547:1997 21/11/2022
  6820 AS3547:1997 21/11/2022
  7410 Plus AS3547:1997 21/11/2022
  7510 AS3547:1997 21/11/2022
  Interlock 7000 AS3547:1997 21/11/2022
  Interlock XT AS3547:1997 21/11/2022
  4000 AS3547:2019 21/11/2022
  6000 AS3547:2019 21/11/2022
Lifeloc FC10 AS3547:1997 29/06/2026
  FC10 Plus AS3547:1997 29/06/2026
  FC20 AS3547:1997 29/06/2026
  FC20BT AS3547:1997 29/06/2026
  FC5 Hornet AS3547:1997 29/06/2026
  LT7 AS3547:1997 & AS3547:2019 29/06/2026
  LT7i AS3547:1997 & AS3547:2019 29/06/2026
  LX9 AS3547:1997 & AS3547:2019 29/06/2026
Lion SD400 AS3547:1997 19/12/2021
  Alcometer 500 / 700 AS3547:1997 19/12/2021
  Alcoblow AS3547:1997 19/12/2021
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