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Synthetic Cannabis & more recently 'Bath Salts' has taken Australia by storm and is the most recent challenge to our workplace. No doubt this is the first salvo from unscrupulous drug 'designers'. These synthetic substances reportedly have the same, similar or greater deleterious and potentially impairing effects on the person as drugs such as Cannabis and Methamphetamine.  

These synthetic substances were created as a response to the effectiveness of instant onsite drug tests. By changing one or two molecules, the unscrupulous designers of these new drugs are well aware of what can be detected using conventional tests and so devised a drug(s) to escape conventional detection.

Until now there has been no way to test for these substances. CMM Technology in conjunction with a NATA accredited laboratory have been working hard to provide an answer and is pleased to offer our customers a solution to this dangerous problem.

The collection process for this test is easiest done whilst conducting your usual drug testing. Simply decant a small quantity from the main sample into our collection containers and dispatch to us and we will organise for confirmatory testing and send the results to you directly.  

if you require vacuum containers for easy decanting, documentation etc., then simply give us a call to arrange purchase.