Urine Support Kit with the Medix™ Integrated Pro-Split Cup

These support kits are extremely useful for clients either in the initial stages of implementing their workplace drug and alcohol testing program and is also recommended for organisations and companies that have added other sites to their testing program.

Our comprehensive kits contain everything needed to conduct an onsite urine drug test. This includes necessary paperwork for follow-up confirmations to ensure your workplace drug and alcohol processes are aligned to proper collection protocols. Our kit also features a user-friendly step-by-step guide (if requested) for ensuring your workplace testing processes are legally compliant with current urine testing policy as outlined by AS4308.

If more information is required in the use of our products at any stage of the collection process, our support helpline is on standby to provide additional client support.

Key Product Features:  

  • Everything you need contained in one easy to access 'toolbox'
  • Never miss an opportunity to test because you do not have the right equipment or paperwork
  • All paperwork conforms to AS4308
  • How-to guides included