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Easy Workplace Hydration Testing

Digital Hand-Held "Pen Urine S.G." Refractometer

When thinking about measuring hydration in the workplace you can't go past this high quality device for ease of use and accuracy!

The Digital Hand-Held Urine Specific Gravity "Pen" Refractometer PEN-URINE S.G. utilises the refractive index method to measure the specific gravity of urine - ideal to spot dehydrated workers before they become a danger to themselves or others.

Quick and easy to use dip test taking only 2 seconds for a result – simply clean up by rinsing under a tap.

The PEN type refractometer is extremely easy to use. There are 2 ways to measure the sample:

    • Dip the tip into the sample and press the START key OR
    • Press the START key and touch the tip into the sample (within 10 seconds).