CMM Technology™ supply an all-in-one Saliva/Oral Fluid Test Support Kit. This kit caters for companies and individuals who are just starting up their drug and alcohol testing program and have never completed a test before or for those who need to add another site to their program and require another complete kit with everything they need. Just add your preferred test device and you are good to go...

Key Product Features:

Support Kit - Designed by Professionals

  • Everything you need contained in one easy to access 'toolbox' - juat add your preferred test device
  • Never miss an opportunity to test because you do not have the right equipment or paperwork
  • All paperwork conforms to AS4760
  • How-to guides included
  • This support kit is designed by professional drug and alcohol collectors who do this work every day. Because of their input, you can be confident in knowing that you will have everything you require to conduct an accurate and professional onsite saliva drug screen.

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