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The Lion Alcoblow-RT (Rapid Test) handheld breath alcohol screening instrument enables the user, within seconds, to determine if a subject has alcohol in their body. It is an invaluable tool in alcohol control programs such as in prisons, industry and schools.

The Alcoblow-RT does not provide a level reading however it lights up for either the presence or absence of alcohol in the breath sample. The highly accurate fuel cell sensor is highly specific to alcohol and not affected by other normal breath contaminants.

As the Alcoblow-RT breathalyser uses no mouthpieces and is non contact, it provides the most economical and hygienic pass/fail screening. The instrument can be operated in active or passive mode.

This automatic, simple-to-use, no-fuss, robust breathalyser can be operated in either active or passive modes and uses Lion’s electro-chemical fuel cell technology.

In ‘Active’ mode the subject blows into the integrated sampling cone until a sample is automatically taken by the instrument for alcohol analysis. Within seconds a ‘red’ or ‘green’ light appears, along with a beep tone, to indicate whether the sample contained alcohol. The instrument then clears itself – so that within seconds it is ready to test the next subject.

In ‘Passive’ mode the operator presses the ‘Passive’ button to “snatch” a sample of breath from around the subject, ideally while they are speaking. Again, a ‘red’ or ‘green’ light is displayed indicating whether or not alcohol is present in the sample. This ‘Passive’ mode is also ideally suited to analysing the air above fluids, to determine if it contains alcohol.

In accordance with the Australian Standard AS3547:1997 the AlcoBlow-RT® is required to be recertified every six months to ensure accuracy. Lion Breathalysers Australia and our approved Calibration/Certification Agents are the only “manufacturer (Lion Laboratories Limited) authorised” calibration/recertification facilities within Australia/New Zealand/PNG and the South Pacific. To ensure your instruments are maintained to the highest possible standard and accuracy please call us to confirm authorisation of your intended service provider.