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The Lion Alcolmeter® 700 breathalyser released supercedes the 500 breathalyser and provides fast, accurate, fully quantitative breath alcohol analysis in a small light-weight fully automatic instrument. It is ideally suited for breath alcohol testing applications in traffic law enforcement, industrial, medical/healthcare and workplace health & safety applications.

The flexibility of the 700 means it can be programmed to either enable passive “talk into” testing for low cost, fast, non-invasive PASS/FAIL testing with a reusable sampling cup or quantitative results through the use of a single-use, hygienically sealed mouthpiece tube.

This little data-logging breath alcohol analyser records the data from each subject’s breath test, with the relevant date and time. This data can then be downloaded to a central computer for management use in statistics gathering and compilation for other external

  • Passive or Active testing options
  • Ready for use within 6 seconds of switching on.
  • Fast reset time after a test - approx 5 secs @ 0.000%BAC
  • Data logging
  • 3000 test memory
  • Optional wireless printer for proof of test
  • PC Interface