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A total system approach to managing your breath alcohol test and calibration data. With ALCOMARK® you can use your PC to print, sort, edit or save your data.

The perfect tool for analysing and archiving your results.

Data Management Solutions

  • Download Test Data to Excel or Text Files
  • Easy Analysis: Sort, Chart & Graph Results
  • Use “Save As” to Archive Calibration and Test Results
  • Print Test Data directly from your PC
  • Print all or select specfic test data
  • Clear Records from your Unit
  • Easy Installation

Remote Diagnostics

  • Advanced Technical Support
  • Communicates Directly w/Lifeloc Technician
  • Downloads Comprehensive Test Peramaters for Evaluation

Designed for use with:

  • The AlcoMark works with the FC20 unit for data downloading and also remote diagnostics.
  • It can also work with the FC10 & FC10plus for remote diagnostics.