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Hair testing provides a wide window of detection for elements that may include dangerous or toxic compounds that workers may be exposed to on a daily basis.
Unlike blood and urine a three month hair test will provide a snapshot of the employee’s exposure over a three month period and will result in one of two outcomes:

1.       Will give peace of mind that exposure to one or more critical elements has not exceeded an established referenced range: or

2.       Will give an early indication if further action (such as a visit to the doctor) is required.

From an employer’s perspective a simple hair test pre-employment will provide a benchmark for the engaged employee to go on record and be compared with periodically to ensure exposure has not increased during a particular term; or

An existing employee’s hair test will provide an indication if exposure has exceeded a reference range and can be acted on as an early intervention, thereby avoiding litigation and harm through unknown impacts.

Either way a hair test for elements to ensure exposure does not reach harmful levels is a beneficial cost effective pathway to ongoing good health and protection from unwanted exposure.


CMM Technology™ is now able to offer this vital service to those working in a variety of industries that may expose a worker to a wide range of harmful elements on a daily basis.

The benefits of conducting baseline and periodic testing of hair for metals is very important for establishing the accumulation of metals in hair that may have the potential to interfere with the body’s normal biological functions. The ramifications of which can be very serious.

This testing is essential for establishing & managing risk in a particular worksite, job role etc. This data can be invaluable to minismise the risk exposure to the company and its workforce.


CMM Technology™ urges users of this data to express caution when determining courses of action based on single data points. A trend in a particular value can be of significantly greater importance than a result from a single point in time, which may be influenced by other factors (e.g. contamination). Therefore CMM Technology™ recommends that, in addition to professional healthcare advice, a follow-up test be conducted after six-to-eight-weeks to assess trends in the metal concentrations.


Our reporting will provide you with the following data.

Toxic & Essential Elements: These elements are referred to as “toxic” & "essential" due to their potential to interfere with the body’s normal biological functions. Although present in trace amounts in our environment, accumulation of high levels of these elements is undesirable as it may lead to adverse health effects.