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 Keep Hydrated, Stay Productive!


Dehydration adversely affects worker productivity, safety and morale. Loss of fluids can affect cognitive abilities, reduce performance and slow reaction times. This can lead to reduced output and careless work practices which may contribute to serious accidents in the workplace.

THORZT has been scientifically formulated to meet the hydration needs of a hard working body in extreme working conditions. THORZT replaces measured proportions of electrolytes, essential minerals, carbohydrates, amino-acids and other nutrients over looked by many alternatives. As an added benefit, THORZT has low GI sugar and sugar free options catering for all employees in your workplace for sustained hydration.


 Some Facts:

At just 1% dehydration, productivity reduces by about 12%. At 2% dehydration, heart rate increases by 8 beats per minute (bpm) which increases perception of effort and reduces body performance by up to 30%.1,5 At 3% dehydration, heart rate increases by 12bpm and performance is reduced by 25-50%. Reaction time is also slowed to levels similar to that of having a .08 Blood Alcohol Content (.03 above the legal driving limit). 

At .08 BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) drivers are five times more likely to be in a car accident. Similarly, the more dehydrated workers become, the more a Loss Time Incident (LTI) is likely to occur.

Dehydration occurs when fluids and nutrients are lost from the body at a faster rate than they are replaced. This results in an imbalance of the essential components of an efficiently working body.

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