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Lifeloc EASYCAL Automatic Calibration Technology

More than just a recalibration

The Lifeloc EASYCAL™ automatic breathalyser recalibration station means that workplace breath alcohol testing compliance just got easier, faster, and more affordable.
Now you can monitor the performance of your hand held breath testing devices and check the accuracy before and after use and in particular at the time of a positive test.

EASYCAL™ will allow you to conduct onsite recalibrations and calibration checks at the touch of a button.

  • Certified gas Standard for accuracy and conformance.
  • Printed results to support the integrity of your testing program.
  • Large colour touchscreen for easy navigation.
  • No down time - simply plug and go.
  • User friendly – no calculations, adjustments or formulas to apply.


Knowing that your breath test equipment has remained within calibration specification enables:

  • Legally defensible decisions to be made in respect to safety.
  • The option to add an additional component to your quality management system.
  • Increased confidence in results for the operator conducting the test.
  • An increased level of compliance not otherwise available.
  • Considerable reduction in the cost and inconvenience of sending equipment off site.

In addition, Workers can have further peace of mind knowing the equipment is verified as accurate more frequently and/or on demand.

Evidentiary Equipment is very expensive to purchase and upkeep. Evidentiary testing is conducted following a preliminary positive test to provide robust evidence in the event of a legal challenge either in court of law or an industrial tribunal hearing. By having the ability to check the accuracy of your hand held device following a positive breath test you are producing robust evidence to support your positive result.

EASYCAL™ simplifies everything. Just cradle your breathalyser, power on, and EASYCAL™ does the rest.

* All breath alcohol testing devices require periodic maintenance and calibration by qualified service personell to ensure proper working order. Industry best practice is every 6 months for workplace testing. 


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