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Meets 'Fit for Purpose' Requirements under AS4760:2006

We are proud to present the Alere™ DDS®2 Mobile Saliva Drug Test System which meets the high-performance demands of law enforcement agencies, drug treatment centres and workplace testing environments.

This system is a drug testing solution which combines speed, ease of use and reliability. The total analysis time is approximately 8 minutes from collection to result.

Key features:

    • Provides an on-site alternative to laboratory screening
    • Removes all subjectivity from results interpretation
    • Rapid oral fluid collection
    • Portable, compact and lightweight
    • CE marked
    • Full-colour screen, readable day and night
    • Stores 10,000 results
    • Software to manage test data (optional)
    • Report generation - print results if required
    • Ability to test from battery, mains power or in-car charger (optional extra)

The DDS2 guides the user through the testing process with a series of on-screen messages and prompts and also has an on-board ‘Help’ function providing on the spot support if required.

  • The DDS2 automatically performs a series of start-up checks on start up along with process controls during testing to ensure correct operation. The analyser will not allow a test to be carried out or continued if a malfunction is detected.
  • The DDS2 is provided with a positive and negative quality control test cartridge (PQC and NQC). It is recommended that these performance checks are carried out at least once on each day of testing. Please refer to section 7 QC Tests, for further information.
  • The DDS2 has internal sensors to detect the presence and position of the test cartridge and collection device. If the test cartridge and collection device are not detected, are detected at the wrong time in the test protocol, or are removed from the analyser prematurely, the test may be abandoned.
  •  The DDS2 reads and stores cartridge information from the test cartridge barcode. If the test cartridge has expired, the test will not be continued.
  • New Alere™ DDS®2 Test Cartridge types must be installed on the analyser via the SD card or the data manager before use. Updates will be provided by the manufacturer.
  • The DDS2 should be positioned horizontally and kept flat when in use. User feedback on the tilt angle of the analyser is provided on the screen. If the analyser is tilted out of the operational range, the test may be abandoned. Refer to section 2.8 Tilt Sensor for more information.
  • The DDS2 detects and monitors test cartridge temperature and uses a heating element to warm the test cartridge to the optimum temperature for testing.

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