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For high volume, fixed point commercial and industrial alcohol breath testing applications. The new Wall Mount 4 delivers fast worker turnaround in high volume testing environments.
The Wall Mount 4 incorporates innovative and pioneering technology with features providing speed and efficiency for all testing requirements. We believe the trusted self recalibration feature is a key benefit for our customers as it offers unrivalled accuracy and reliability from its own internal NATA Certified Gas Standard every 24 hours.
  • 10” LCD colour display
  • Self calibrating every 24hrs
  • On screen notifications and warnings
  • Instant recovery for zero test
  • Unlimited testing
  • Customised messaging on screen
  • Integration with staff management systems
  • 4 x USB ports
  • RS232 serial ports
  • Instant USB data download capability
  • 20,000 log capability
  • 12 month fixed servicing schedule
  • Made in Australia
  • Certified to AS3547
  • 24 month warranty