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The Alcolizer LE5 has been designed and developed with support and input from Australian and international police departments. The Alcolizer LE is now used and trusted by police across Australia and in an increasing number of countries world wide.

With “evidential standard” accuracy the LE5 offers police and industry users advanced “high end” technology including AS Certified Active (mouthpiece) screening, and fast Passive (no mouthpiece) pre-test screening for improved police roadside testing efficiency.

To maintain “police standard” accuracy and Australian Standards Certification the LE5 requires recalibration every 6 months and is fitted with an automatic shut down mechanism for added safety.


  • Highly responsive, mini electrochemical fuel cell
  • using high grade platinum
  • Very fast zero test recovery
  • Colour graphics LCD display
  • Easy “mobile phone style” menu operation
  • Multi-function capability AS 3547 Type II Certified (Active Mode)
  • Passive Mode (non AS Cert)
  • RF shielded aluminium case
  • -20oC to +50oC temperature operating range
  • Rechargeable NiMh battery system (2,000+ tests per full charge)
  • 20,000 + data logging, USB download connection
  • Proven accuracy within +/- 5% (Certified AS 3547 Type II +/- 10%)
  • Security coded, programmable settings
  • Multi-language capability (English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian...) others possible
  • Programmable statistic gathering options
  • Ergonomic design
  • Leather case with reflective strips and hand strap (customized options available)

Occupational Health and Safety Users Please Note:

Passive screening is designed for Police pre-test screening around the Drink Driving limit of 0.05. It is not recommended for use where a ZERO TOLERANCE policy is in force and testing is done in an uncontrolled environment. For both, accuracy and hygiene, mouthpiece (Active) testing is recommended by the manufacturer in OH&S situations.